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kicking the tyres of SQL Server 2016 CTP

2015-06-06 13_47_56-windows 2012 [Draaiend] - Oracle VM VirtualBox


First time install of SQL Server 2016 CTP. It’s running on Windows 2012R2. The installation does need 2 dependend installations, the first is .net 3.5 runtime and the second one is JRE. You have to install those first, then you can run the installer. I have checked all boxes in the features selection and choose powerpivot mode for the DWH.

This summer is going to be HOT

This summer, microsoft will deliver the new SQL Server 2016 public preview.


Top features will be:

  • Always encrypted – Data will be encypted while at rest and in motion.
  • Realtime operational analytics  – via in memory OLTP and in memory Columnstore
  • Stretch Database – move historical data to lower cost storage, also via azure
  • Advanced analytics and Mobile BI
  • Native JSON support
  • improvements in AlwaysOn

Read the full article here: http://goo.gl/BYDp6O

Start of a new site

I am very excited to start a new website on the workings of SQL Server. In the next months i will be publishing a few pages on SQL Server and i hope you as a community will keep me on my toes on the posts i write and ask questions about my scribbles.